Giving young journalists a break

The financial journalist intern scheme enables young writers from diverse backgrounds to gain experience working on some of Britain’s best financial publications. We provide training, free accommodation and travel costs to London.

A chance to break into financial journalism

Win a place and you’ll spend two weeks in the Summer at one of the UK’s leading money publications.

Before starting you’ll enjoy a day in London learning core skills from experienced journalists and hearing from fund managers and financial planners about the industries you’ll be writing about.

Once working you’ll be assigned a mentor who’ll guide you and oversee your work and progress.

You’ll live with the other interns on the scheme in student accommodation so you can catch up in the evenings, sharing experiences and supporting each other.

You’ll first meet your house mates at the training day. Once working you’ll catch up with them in the evenings, sharing experiences and providing each other with support.

The Journalist Intern Scheme will pay your travel expenses from home to London. You’ll earn the living wage while working and be expected to use this to cover your own travel expenses and food costs within London.

Winning a place on this scheme will add to your CV. Do well and you may be considered for a job at any one of the publications participating.

Man and two women in a work meeting

Who can apply?

The Journalist Intern Scheme is open to all students. We are working in particular with the following partner universities: University of Central Lancashire; University of Huddersfield; Manchester Metropolitan University; Newcastle University; University of Nottingham; Nottingham Trent University.

How to apply

Which publications are participating in the scheme?

Possible publications that the interns could work on include

Get involved

Fund us

If you recognise the challenges that many young people face gaining practical experience of a career in journalism and want to help support this project, please get in touch.

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Work with us

If you are an investment or finance orientated publication, based in central London, and you are interested in employing journalist interns through the scheme, talk to us.

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