Who is behind the scheme?

Nearly 35 years ago, when I was a teenager, my school fixed me up with a week’s work experience on the Hartlepool Mail. It changed my life. I became hooked on journalism. Over the next 20 years I wrote for most of the UK’s national newspapers and made radio programmes for the BBC from 21 countries. Today I run an academic and financial services PR company, working closely with journalists – most of them in London – and I’m still writing every day.

Local newspapers are a shadow of what they once were. The best opportunities lie in London, but someone from my background wouldn’t have had the resources to get experience there. The costs would have been prohibitive.

The journalist intern scheme has been created to provide talented young people with the chance to experience working on a London-based publication. By removing the need for them to find and pay for accommodation in the capital, the scheme is able to recruit participants based on their talent and not their ability to pay. We have focused on financial journalism because it is where our relationships are strongest, but also because it is something beyond the realms of imagined possibilities for too many young people. We hope to open their eyes to the opportunities and by so doing, encourage more diversity in the profession. That is an ambition of the publications supporting this initiative, too.

I am grateful to the companies and individuals who are helping us to get this project off the ground. I hope this scheme will provide opportunities and inspiration to the next generation of journalists – one that truly represents the community we live in.

Martin Stott

Martin Stott

Martin is founder of the scheme and CEO of Bulletin PR. He has written for the majority of Britain’s national newspapers and reported for the BBC from 21 countries and five continents.

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